• Sis Loves Me Series now in United Kingdom New product for adults is now available for everyone in the United Kingdom. From any device, and over secure Https protocol. The series called Sis Loves Me that features fantasy videos with step siblings and family porn. That’s right. When a “gakm” is not possible to commence… then you can make people happy with some access to free videos – in this case in very taboo and controversial genre. It sounded absurd, but in the end everyone was happy to experience this series. Watch the latest Sis Loves Me episode with the famous actress Natalie Knight: Natalie Knight has been planning on having sex with her boyfriend for the first time, and she asks her loving stepbrother for some advice. He lets the beautiful blonde teen know that she can start ... Read more

  • POOL & SNOOKER TOURNAMENT MSA Pool Tournament is Sunday 8th October 2017. MSA Snooker Tournament is Sunday 3rd December 2017. Both Tournaments will be held in Leicester. Click Here For More Information Read more

  • Low-Caste Hindus Oppose Caste Discrimination Legislation Proposed in UK Bharti Tailor UNITED KINGDOM, April 20, 2013: (HPI Note: This report was sent in by Bharti Tailor, bharti@rgenterprises.co.uk). The groups who are considered ‘Low caste’ on whose name the legislation on case is being brought in spoke out today to say that they do not want the legislation (being proposed in the British Parliament). “All the groups enjoy protected status and enjoy the privileges that come with this in India.” said Mukesh Naker of the British Hindu Voice a Leicester-based organisation. “However they are fully integrated into the British Indian and the wider British community in the UK and feel that there is no need for legislation on caste grounds in Britain.” “We were brought up as equals, we know our history but it has never restricted our present and certainly does ... Read more

  • Caste Discrimination My name is Manish Amriwala and I am the General Secretary for Gujarati Arya Kshatriya Mahasbha UK (GAKM UK); a national body that represents the Hindu Gujarati Mochi Community (A Dalit Community in the eyes of Caste Watch UK and other lobbyists) in the United Kingdom. I am writing to in regards to concerns we have with amendment that are to be discussed one final time in the House of Commons; specifically in regards to the section concerning Caste Discrimination. Please find attached a formal statement from GAKM UK which detailed our concerns to the Equalities Minister; Lynn Featherstone back in May 2011; to which we never received a response to and are not sure if it has ever been taken into account when debating the motion – considering the motion ... Read more